Portuguese-North American Literature 101

In recent months, I’ve been reading academic books, journals and articles relating to the birth and development of Portuguese-North American writing to educate myself. I call it Portuguese-North American Literature 101 because so much of what I’ve come across has led me to authors and books I knew little about, for example, João de Melo and his incredible novel, My World is Not of This Kingdom. I also began bookmarking interesting online articles and clipping magazine pieces relating to Portuguese-North American writers and the burgeoning literary community.

It occurred to me that others may be interested and perhaps inspired to read some of these pieces so I began contacting writers with the idea of compiling a few essays and interviews in a simple pdf file as a free download. All of the pieces, save for my interview with poet Millicent Borges Accardi, have been previously published and are republished with permission from the writers. This simple pdf “booklet” is my small contribution towards encouraging other “late-blooming Lusophiles” to learn more about the rich cultural background–and future!–of Portuguese North-American literature. Thank you to Oona Patrick, Richard Simas, Frank Gaspar, Millicent Borges Accardi, Darrell Kastin, and Onésimo Teotónio Almeida for allowing me to reprint your interviews, articles, and essays.

Download: Portuguese-North American Writing

6 thoughts on “Portuguese-North American Literature 101

  1. This is tremendous! Thank you!

  2. You’re welcome! I hope others enjoying reading the pieces. Oona’s interview with Vamberto is particularly informative.

  3. Wow, this is great. I’m going to check out Darrell Kastin’s book and Neo magazine. Thanks for putting this together for us newbies!

  4. I was happy to see Tamara Kaye Sellman’s name in this–she has long been a great supporter of Luso-American lit.!

  5. Fernanda, this is awesome. I had no idea how much is out there to discover about Portuguese-North American writers. Keep it coming!

  6. I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg here, Emanuel. There are so many resources out there for those of us interested in Portuguese-North American writing. I’m going to put together a list over the next week or so and post them on the blog.

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