I’m a first-generation Portuguese Canadian and late-blooming Lusophile living in the United States with dreams of moving to Portugal one day. My name is Fernanda Viveiros Gonçalves but for reasons too numerous to mention, I use the name Fernanda Viveiros. My parents were born and raised on the strange and magical island of Flores, one of nine islands in the Azores archipelago, and a place to which I’m drawn to visit time and time again.

In real life, I’m a wife, mother and full-time editor. I enjoy reading and writing about books, ideas, ethnopsychology and Portuguese culture. I’ve held various positions in journalism, legal editing, literary event production and book publishing  and have recently started a small press specializing in translations, Azorean literature, and works by Portuguese North American writers.

You can reach me through this blog or via LinkedIn

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  1. FYI… Just added your RSS to the homepage. Below fold, but I’m glad to read I’m not the only one. I hope the members of AN submit content for you anthology. Should we collaborate?

  2. I enjoy your work. Thanks. I was born in the island of Flores, came to California when I was 16 and I have spend the my life living with one foot on each side of the Atlantic. When I go to Flores I love it but I no longer belong there since everything and everyone has changed. There I am an American. I come back and I miss being there and here in California I am an Azorian…I guess that it is true you can leave the island but the island does not leave you. Thanks and please keep writing.

  3. Congratulations, Fernanda on this project., which I was just informed by a colleague and friend. I am also an “Azorean-Canadian’ and it is always with great interest that I read about projects that promote our heritage. You may want to check this site (http://tv3.rtp.pt/icmblogs/rtp/comunidades/) in case you would like to submit material for publication. Also the new InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies (a project by two Azorean-academics )migh be of interest to you (http://portuguese-diaspora-studies.com/index.php/ijpds) . Surgite! Best Regards, Irene

  4. Hello,

    My name is Sarah Sequeira and I am a Humber College Journalism Student located in Toronto, Ontario.

    I am currently working on my thesis and am focusing on the Terceirence Carnival and the significance it has to the Terceirence immigrants here in Toronto.

    I would like to speak with you regarding my topic, if you are interested.


    Sarah Sequeira

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